Hola a todas!

I'm Rachel Rodriguez.

Interior and Web Designer, Creative, Commercial and Strategist.

Unapologetic entrepreneur, detail-loving, obsessed with antiques,

smoothie mixologist and queen of puddings.

Why did we start with livebyyourdesign.com?

In 2011, after executing what would be my last project for a hotel chain and in the midst of a financial crisis, my two partners decided to close the business and move to other cities.

In my situation, a friend specialized in marketing and public relations said to me: Why don’t you create a blog and talk about your profession, giving advice to other people? It was revealing,

At a time when nobody in my profession was already working, I managed to make small decoration projects. But this was not the most amazing thing: I enjoyed my work from home creating articles that other people read and later my own readers asked me to speak on specific topics,

I loved … Then they offered me a project in Equatorial Guinea and my wonderful work from home was like a plant without looking.

Today I embark on this adventure with my daughter and I assure you that what we are preparing is going to be a shock, do you want to witness the miracle?

Wanna know what lights me up?

La unidad fundamental de la nueva economía ya no es la empresa sino el individuo. Las tareas no las asigna y controla una cadena estable de producción sino que las llevan a cabo de manera autónoma contratistas independientes. Estos profesionales electrónicamente conectados se agrupan temporalmente para generar bienes y servicios. Al finalizar el trabajo, la red se desmantela y sus integrantes vuelven a circular independientemente en busca del siguiente encargo.

Thomas Malone y Robert Laubacher “The dawn of the e-lance economy”.


El mundo empresarial tal y como lo conocemos ya está cambiando y en un plazo medio de tiempo ya no será el mismo.

Build this world of ours that is ours and share it with people like you. Helping other people to achieve what we are determined to carry out. Show the world that you can, you can live a full life, dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about.

Where can you find me now?

Can be found pottering around the house or patroning a new dress (I love fashion sewing). Or taking care of my awesome little garden. English-inspired (well, with some Mediterranean flair …; P).

Get to know me Quiz

1.It’s your last meal on earth. What do you crave?

    My grandma’s ladyfingers!

2. What’s your wake-up ritual?

A block of ice through the face, and a spinach, broccoli, pepper, apple and lime smoothie.


3. How would you spend a free day?

    1. Planting in your garden X – Actually all of them!
    2. Organising your closet
    3. Shopping with your friend
    4. Going out for a walk


4. What are you most excited about at this time in your life?

Spend time with my daughter and partner.


5. What do you value the most?

    1. Spontaneity
    2. Welles’s
    3. Intelligence X
    4. Fun
    5. Loyalty X

6. If you could switch your lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

 Without doubt, my mother.


7. Choose a travel buddy?

    1. Jack Black X – we wouldn’t stop laughing!
    2. Tom Hardy
    3. Morgan Freeman
    4. Jennifer Lawrence


8. Someday I want to:

       Paragliding with my daughter.


9. Which words best describe you?

a. Classic and Refined X

b. Reliable and Easy Going 

c. Glittering and Charming

d. Carefree and Creative

e. Dignified and Mysterious


10. What is a quote that inspired you?

        ‘I am I and my circumstance.’ J. Ortega y Gasset

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