Hola amiga!

I'm Naomi Rodriguez. 

Daughter of this Blog.

Clinical and Business Psychologist, Educator and Coach.

Self-educated digital marketeer, hopeless optimistic,

stubborn-as-heck achiever, loving puppy parent,

and proud to be the Co-CEO of my own biz.

Why did we start livebyyourdesign.com?

For me it was as simple as wanting to make a living out of what I loved with who I loved.

I have always wanted to help people be happier, achieve their full potential and live their wildest dreams. And I wanted to do it by connecting with the people I helped. Relating to their dreams, their experiences and struggles.

And there I was, struggling with my own life. Thinking how I could be happier, achieve my full potential and live my wildest dreams. Life, heh?

I wanted to live a life of freedom, a life that I would design myself: freedom to work wherever, whenever and on whatever I wanted. Doing work that wouldn’t keep me from spending time with my family, and what would permit me to travel around the world. Too good to be true?

And as if like magic, at the right time and the right moment, I found my own journey: I wanted to create my own online business. And knew that I would my mum couldn’t miss out!

Well, I was determined and convinced that the life I envisioned was in my reach. So nothing could stop me now!

Wanna know what lights me up?

Help thousands of people (just like you) take action and transform their lives by finding their purpose, making more money and building their online business.

Where can you find me now?

You can find me planning our next travel adventure, Wandering in the woods with my puppy Louie or snuggles under a blanket with a tea curled up with a good book or sipping a glass of red Italian Appassimento wine.

Get to know me Quiz

1.It’s your last meal on earth. What do you crave?

      Hawaiian Tuna Poke Bowl, please!


2.What is your favourite kind of vacation?

a. Beach

b. Cultural

c. Adventurous

d. Exotic        – Dream destination: Australia


3. Best piece of advice you’ve received?

      Invest in yourself


4. When do you get the most done? 

a. Early morning

b. Late at night

c. Between other tasks

d. Whenever inspiration hits


5. Superpower you would want?

       Read minds

6.How would you spend a free day? 

a. Planting in your garden

b. Organising your closet

c. Shopping with your friend

d. Going out for a walk   – With my puppy Louie


7. Someday I want to:

       Volunteer in an elephant reservation


8. Best travel buddy:

        Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson


9. Which words best describe you?

a. Classic and Refined

b. Reliable and Easy Going X

c. Glittering and Charming

d. Carefree and Creative

e. Dignified and Mysterious


10. What is a quote that inspired you?

        ‘I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.’ S. Covey

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