Hi there! Come and know us!

We are Rachel and Naomi.

The brains behind this project. We love to make any time, a good time. Definitely obsessed about living our best lives and helping others do the same! Besides scaling up our business, family has always been No.1  priority. We stand behind keeping it real, intentional and authentic.

Wanna hear more about us? Then stay around an hear all about our story.

Who we are...

My mum and I have always been like hand in glove. Although now living in separate countries, we are literally inseparables! I would genuinely say, she is my soulmate.

I can proudly say that we are both pretty strong, independent and optimistic women who are passionate and determined to never let go of our dreams. 

While living abroad, I really miss having the giggles together, raiding her wardrobe and try on all her clothes, binge-watching romcom marathons and having endless night girly-talks. We have always shared it all. And we thought this blog would be the best way to stay together and pursue our purpose despite the distance.

How we started...

We both knew what we wanted: a lifestyle that would give us the freedom to travel together. A life where we could work from anywhere around the world and do what we were most passionate about. That is why we took the chance and decided to become online entrepreneurs. 

Growing with my mum as the entrepreneur genius, helped me decide to get out there and venture with this new project. I have always felt inspired by my mother’s resilience and determination. I craved to start this amazing entrepreneurial journey and lifestyle, and I wanted my mum in it. So I took her along with me, and here we are!

Our beginnings...

So, we decided to make the leap and founded our blog as a side hustle. We wanted to help other women achieve and build their authentic, passionate and profitable online businesses. And most importantly, we wanted to help women overcome the same struggle we were facing while building our empire.

We must admit, the beginning was scary. We wanted a change but we didn’t want to risk a stable income. Also, we had no clue where to start and we had to find our ways to get more time and money to make this happen. And we certainly didn’t have the skills or the knowledge to drive an online business. But we had the appetite to create something big that would guide others feel live the life they wanted. So nothing could stop us.


Above all, we are truly excited to launch new projects and bring this blog to the next level!

We are currently dreaming of ways in which we can help ambitious women become entrepreneurs and grow business that allow them to live more and work less.

It is amazing to have a purpose in common and watch ourselves growing together as entrepreneurs! But we want to create something big with you! Do you want to join us too?

Our hands-on-heart mission

We are committed to running a purpose-driven company through authenticity, integrity and openness.

For the good, we set out to decouple our growth from bringing value to our community while focusing on the projects that are truly important and meaningful to us.

So we thrive through waking people up to choosing what is true to themselves and in that way, make a significant contribution to the world.

Also we believe in the essential, in the simple and in life.

We have a vision of women all around the world having the courage to live a life that they choose. A life that is true to themselves and that enables them to live at their highest level of contribution.

These women will live a life where they are able to do what they choose, when they choose with the people they choose. They will be able to sustain themselves financially doing work that is fulfilling and rewarding.

They will come to understand their true purpose in life. And finally, these women will choose their own path and begin to create their own success.

Through purposeful and value-driven actions, we will help spark the change in others who seek a lifestyle of freedom by empowering women to take action and discover their full potential.

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