How to find the right idea when starting your own business

Gain clarity before you start your own venture.

You know you want to start a business, but you don’t know which first steps to take. You know that you want to take your life to a completely different direction but you don’t know what direction you want to go to. If you are thinking ‘ I want to start my own business but don’t now what to do”, then this article is for you.

Some of you have asked me about how to begin and kickstart your business. How to find clarity on what to do when you don’t know what to do. You have a clear vision of creating something of your own, but don’t know where to start. What kind of business to create, what kind of niche or product you want to sell or focus on. 

I get you, you are dreaming of entrepreneurship but have not idea where to start. So, you want to follow your passions but can’t figure out what you’re passionate about. We have been there, and I know it’s overwhelming and confusing to start from scratch. Give yourself some time, it’s very difficult to find your passion when you are starting from nothing.

Unless we have a revolutionary idea, we all start like this: we have a dream to build a business for ourselves but we have a foggy and unclear direction. So, it comes down to this: we need to find our business purpose and a brand reason to create our empire beyond making money.

Demystifying starting a new business

Before we could understand what we wanted to do for ourselves, we had to do some pre-work. We had to understand what was stopping us from starting our business. And it all came down to: MINDSET. We had certain beliefs about creating a business from scratch, and these beliefs were limiting our actions. Building a business from scratch is a romantic idea. It is like dating a business idea. So let me help you out and let’s demystify some myths about starting a new business (and dating).

  • The date (idea) needs to be perfect: 

Most people think that a business idea must necessarily be something revolutionary to succeed. This is simply not true. You don’t need an amazing breakthrough or a genius idea. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to run a successful business. You can simply start by asking yourself:

    1. “How can I improve on this?”
    2. “Can I do this better or differently?”
    3. “Is there market share not being served that makes room for me?”
  • A first date spark is a must: 

‘ You’ll know at first sight’ or ’If things don’t click on the first date, you are probably not right for each other’. Well… I would say, that it is quite never the case. You don’t need to come up with the right business plan or idea right from the start. It is more of a trial and error at the beginning. 

Behind almost every success story, there are always false starts, explorations and failed projects. You are probably not going to get it right the first time you try, but if you never start, you will never get it right. 

Like when dating, you are just testing if your business is right for you or not. We actually started on the side. To see if it was something for us or not. Starting the side hustle will help you learn and practice, sharpen your skills and help you find what you really love. 

If it is worth it, you will end up rocking your business full time. You only want to commit to marriage when you are completely sure. Even if you have a wobbly start, at least you will have had the opportunity to practice with an imperfect project before you commit to something you really love. 

  • It’s best to wait for the perfect moment before I start dating: 

Is it a good time to start a business? Well, let’s put it like this. It is never a bad moment to start a business. You just need to think if there is a real need for the business you want to create. Because I wanted this life of freedom so badly, I decided to just start doing something. 

So the first thing I did, was to research for inspiration and trends. I was always looking for inspiration and trends, gazing through books, podcasts, YouTube videos, Pinterest… You name it.

It was a bit overwhelming, but at the end, I saw myself looking at the same things, and wanting to learn about the same things also. 

Our ideas for a business have changed quite a bit, and we finally organised our ideas around the business that it is today. And even today, I can’t ensure that the business will stay as is. But for now, we have a great date! <3 

Ok, so we now have a date, it may not be perfect, but we can see if it works out well for us. So what next? What can you do now to get your mind rolling like a business woman? The below exercises helped me to figure out what kind of business I wanted to create. 

Exercise 1: Building a Narrative.

Best businesses tell good stories. Shape your narrative and create a story behind your business:


What are your values? What do you think are the most important principles and standards you stand for? Integrity, Equality, Collaboration, Efficiency, Sustainability…? They are the beliefs that will guide and motivate your attitude and actions. And why not, your business as well. 

  • PAST:

You are usually more productive when you enjoy what you do. So, start by making a list of everything you are passionate about. What are your past experiences? Your memories make a great part of who you are today.  What did you like to do when you were a child? When you were a child, what did you like to play with? What are your most beautiful and precious memories of yourself?

  • GIFTS:

What are your skills? What are you good at? Also think about: What are you expert on? What do people ask you advice on? 


What are your hobbies? When are you in flow? When are you most fully engaged and immersed in an activity? What do you love to do? In what things do you spend most of your time? What do you usually search for in the internet? What do you tend to talk most about?

  • PAINS:

Listen to your own frustrations. What are your frustrations? You may connect better to what struggles you are facing and it will help you connect with what you would like to improve or make better for yourself and for others. We were in the same stage as you are. We needed to figure out how to make money with my ideas but this actually gave me solutions to finding the right idea. 


What are your reasons for starting the business? What is your why? Why would you venture and be an entrepreneur besides its downside (time, effort, money, risk…). You will need a strong reason to keep you going besides the hard moments, when the climb is tough. Your why will keep your motivation on difficult times. 

Exercise 2: Building a Business Mindset.

Another exercise we did was to put my passions under a business test and start building a habit of a business mindset. Not all the things you love or that you are good at may be things you would like to make a living out of.


Brainstorm as many topics related to each interest you can think of. The ideas don’t have to be perfect, so just jot down all the random ideas that you have, without overthinking it too much. If you get stuck with this, you can also think about the below questions: 

    1. If there were three to five products or services that would make my personal life better, what would they be?
    2. Determine what products or services would make your life easier or happier, make you more productive or efficient, or simply give you more time.

Great. So now it’s the time to jump into monetising your idea. Let’s just say you love gardening. How you could generate an income from the interest and what could you do to make money out of gardening? During this exercise, consider your target market and your potential income from that market. What does your audience want, need and how can you best sell a product or service.

Some examples can be: selling products you make for gardening, helping others with their garden, grow plants for sale, hold events at your garden, create a gardening course or webinar, open a flower shop, create a gardening blog, writing a book about gardening, creating photography about flowers or creating botanical art…


Perfect! Now we know that we could make money out of our interest. So we need to see where we could launch our business and what kind of business it would be. You need to choose which platforms would be best suited for you and for your business. First of all you need to think about the goals for your business. And then you need to see if they match any platform, for example: digital platforms such as social media, website, or podcast or physical platforms such as restaurants, office, shop, etc.


After doing this brainstorming exercise, comes the moment to judge and evaluate each idea. How interested are you with the idea? You can rate it from 1 to 5. After doing this, you will most likely find your clear winner!

And finally, there is only one more step to go: Start now! Starting now does not mean that you need to put money in the table or rush into making sales. In our case, we prepared ourselves for what was going to come. We did a lot of brainstorming, planning and learning.

But, don’t underestimate the journey, there is more planning that will come our way, but we have set the stage. This is all homework that will prepare you to build and grow your biz. If you want my personal advice, if I were to invest anything at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur: I would invest in myself. 

To wrap this up: develop yourself and learn new skills. Invest on skills about business that you don’t have and that may boost your business’ growth (marketing and sales, finances and accounting, digital skills…). This way, you can gain knowledge, practice and most importantly, gain confidence and the right mindset. 

We hope this help you demystify what it is to start a business from scratch and how you can get your brain working to gain further clarity on what kind of business you can create. Let us know in the comments if this has helped you in any way. We would love to hear more about your journey!

All the best in your new adventure! 🙂