How to create a month's worth Instagram content in 1 day

We can’t deny that Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms where you can reach out to your audience, engage and generate organic traffic to your website. But that being said, nurturing our social media platforms takes a huuuge lot of time, thought and energy. You can easily spend hours and hours editing your photos, writing interesting captions or finding the right hashtags to increase your impact in your audience. 

But we also know that each minute of an entrepreneur is like precious gold. So we wanted to make sure we were spending our time on your social media platforms wisely! Because we wanted both to be present in social media as well as saving time, we decided to use the strategy to batch-work.

We use batching as a strategy for many other tasks in our businesses like writing emails or blog posts or editing videos. So we thought ‘why can’t we use the same strategy when posting on social media?’

Previously we were spending hours uploading all the photos in Instagram. It was making us dread to post each time, and we ended up being less consistent. And it became something that we didn’t enjoy. We were often forgetting to post, not posting at the right time and feeling rushed to post last minute. We were clearly lacking a good strategy.

Now we are creating an entire’s month worth of Instagram content in just a day. And you can do the same if you use the same technique to batch your work. Trust me, batch working has been a time (and life) saver for us and it will end up saving you hours of work too!

Instagram Feed Tutorial

Step 1:  Create a bank of content you love:

Choose a day to prepare a bunch of content in advance. For example, prepare a bunch of quotes, photos and videos. Whether you are using your own photos or you are using some photos from a photo stock, having a bunch of available photos helps to plan your instagram more easily. 

  • Your own photos:

If you want to use your own photos, plan.a day in the week to make a photoshoot with different outfits, backgrounds and scenarios that fit your personal brand.

  • A photo stock:

We use a free photo stock from Pexels and we get some inspiration photos from Pinterest. You can visit our Inspiration Pictures board for more Inspiration. When using pictures from other creators, don’t forget to give them credit!

Step 2: Create your grid with Canva: 

It can be hard to picture what your feed will look like without seeing it before hand. Specially when you would like to have a certain layout or feel in your feed. You might not necessarily need to create the most beautiful Instagram feed in the world if it doesn’t align with your goal and target customers. However, having a professional feed is necessary for you to build trust, attract new followers and grow your community!

  • Choosing your layout:

There are many layouts you can choose from. We decided to have a puzzle style Instagram Feed, because of aesthetic reasons, but there are many other layouts that are more simple and also very easy to build. You can check our instagram (link here) for ideas. If a puzzle layout is not for you, you can skip the next point and visit the below instagrams for other kind of inspiration:

@yukastudio, @personaljournalapp,@theshopfiles@minimaliststyle, @cerebralmist or @beautifulandyummy

  • How we build our layout: 

Step 1: If you would like to create a puzzle layout you can rely on Canva. Canva has now a staple for us in our Instagram strategy. Here we get our creativity minds working. It is a lot of fun. You can use Canva to create and edit designs for your brand. You can use pre-designed templates and layouts for your Website, Social Media, Email, etc. Literally, it has endless features! In Canva we have created our own template of our Instagram Puzzle Feed. So each month we only need to add new content to the template (photos and texts) and it is ready to go.

Step 2: Once we have the layout created, we split the image into smaller squares which will become our different posts. For that we use this online free tool: Pinetools.

Step by step Instagram Feed

STEP 3: Schedule your posts in PreviewApp: 

You can use Preview App to plan your feed. We A.D.O.R.E this app. Here you can add photos, rearrange the order of your posts, edit your photos, save hashtag groups, schedule your posts, work with your team and check your analytics. 

You need to work together with the algorithm behind Instagram. So, the rule of thumb is to be consistent. Just pick a schedule that works for you. You can post everyday if you want to, but you can also post every 2 days if you want to. The key is to be consistent and choose a routine. 

  • Choose an optimised schedule

Scheduling your Instagram posts for optimised times has proven to help reach more followers and get more engagement on your posts.In general, the most popular time to post on Instagram is between 9am and 11am EST. The best times to post on Instagram by day is (via 

    • Monday: 6am, 10 am and 10pm EST
    • Tuesday:2 am, 4 am a dn 9am EST
    • Wednesday: 7am, 8 am and 11pm EST
    • Thursday: 9am, 12pm and 7pm EST
    • Friday: 5am, 1pm and 3pm EST
    • Saturday: 11am, 7pm and 8pm EST
    • Sunday: 7am, 8am and 4pm EST

But you ned to think about what the best time is to post on Instagram for your business. Every instagram account has a unique audience, with followers located in different time zones, so it is important to find your personalised best time to post on Instagram. To find your optimal posting time you can use Instagram’s native analytics tool under Instagram Insights. Quick note: in order to access these features, you need to set up an Instagram Business or Creator account. 

STEP 4: Post on Instagram!

And the last step obviously is to post in Instagram. Unfortunately, there are no free apps that enable us to schedule and post our Instagram feed automatically. We still do it manually. With PreviewApp, you just need to export it directly to Instagram and it will automatically copy the post and caption for you. And all that’s left to do is press post! 

So there you have it! Once a month you can plan your grid, dive into your super amazing photo library, schedule and arrange your photos, write your killer caption. And boom, now you have a beautiful feed with a strategy behind it!

Forget the days of rushing to post, stressing out to write an interesting caption on the spot, or having great pictures to share. Now you can create your own strategy to create engaging content that is not costing you your freedom. 

I hope this post helped you batch your content for Instagram. Please share with us your instagram feeds, we would love to see your lovely creations! 

See you on the ‘gram!

Naomi Rodriguez