How to make your personal branding

Imagine someone who is popular or famous for his good reputation, that his or her name is immediately associated with quality, results, perseverance … What trait make him/her different and distinguish her from his competition? How close is he/she with his/her clients ? How quickly does he/she resolve, manage or act in response to the client’s demand? What is the quality of his/her product, the value of his/her content and good service?

A few days ago on instagram, a young high school girl asked a very famous influencer what it takes to become an influencer. She, very eloquent, and as if it were her little sister, indicated that she would first have to finish her studies and specialize in Marketing or something similar. But at the same time, it had an important component of luck.

In the current paradigm of communication that flows like never before, there are more opportunities to be visible and to reach beyond the geographical limits with a brand. But in the same measure the competition increases exponentially, making it more difficult to stand out.

But … What has all this got to do with personal branding? Why does everyone talk about it so much? Even when finding a job, experts recommend building a personal, consistent and engaging brand.

personal branding


A great brand addresses feelings … feelings are the driving force behind most of our decisions. A great brand is a story that begins but never ends. It is a metaphorical story that unfolds incessantly. Stories create the affective concept that people need to place themselves within the framework of a broader experience’. Tom Peters 

“A brand is not created in a day. We need time to consider ideas; define our strengths and weaknesses; study trademarks and try to make everything fit.” – This is how Tom Peters tells us in his book “The brand you 50”: “… a story that has never been told.”

Skills you will need: 


  • Specialization: If your brand contributes the same as the others and you don´t stand out from the competition,,. You can only compete with the price and that does not generate loyal customers. What will make you stand out in a saturated market is specialization. Whatever makes you unique and different. This may not be easy, but  all you need is to work hard to be an expert in what you do. 

  • Patience and discipline: The secret  lies in working, working and working; that’s why you must be passionate. But you also have to do it well. Bring quality to the job you are doing.

  • Consistency: Both readers and Google like to see that there is a certain regularity of posts on your blog. You have to be very organized and transmit professionalism. Wherever you are, your followers await your publications, there are tools to program this both on your blog and on your social networks. This directly affects the trust of your brand and it is very important because it loyalty to your readers. Let’s not forget that we have a relationship with them that we must take care of.

  • Planning: Define a strategy to achieve the objectives already set and place it into a calendar. Remember, in order to increase your credibility, you need to who’s up and be consistent to your readers. The discipline is simple: set yourself goals, define a strategy to achieve them and plan it on the calendar. Then you only need to commit to sticking to your calendar!
  • Passion:  You are the one and only engine of your journey. It is what will give you the strength to carry on when things get tough. Your passion will make your personal brand authentic while transmitting a valuable message with which your clients feel identified.

We have defined 5 main steps to follow to start building your personal brand:


1. conceptualization.

We have published a super complete worksheet so that you can deepen this knowledge and design your brand in a very practical way, creating a clear and precise image of who you are, defining aspects such as identity, values, target, specialty, reliability … for example: Keys like identifying your ideal target, in that your personal brand is the company as a lifestyle; find what makes you unique and different and also specialized in something specific; keys to success for your personal brand ..

Tip: Salable Distinction is the essence of the Brand. So it’s time to look at yourself and look at your skills, talents, abilities … You are probably going to make amazing findings. Focus on one and dig deep to develop, polish, highlight that competence.


2. brand image.

The brand image is basically how you want to be perceived by your clients, your followers and your counterparts. We emit semiotic signals of our brand through our website, our logo, our business cards, our reports and our styling. Today, more than ever before, the image is a fundamental pillar of the values ​​that our personal brand transmits.

Observe the packaging of the products of other brands that catch your attention: energy, vitality, clarity, economy… What specific things do you like? What details leave you indifferent?

A good image is the first thing you need to start. You must have several photos in different sizes and shapes, since it will be the photo that you will use in all media. It also has to be an image that conveys who you are professionally. The next step is to decide the tone of communication that you are going to use in your actions and develop the logo that is going to become part of your personal brand.   


3. creation of your base platform: your website.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can begin with a blog site. It is very important to show yourself to the world. Your website is like your virtual office or store. In your website you should consider your corporate identity, your presentation and your engagement. It is like your living room.

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Seedling
  • Sections of the web: home, who am I, content-blog, contact.


4. media Planning and communication strategy: marketing plan.

Having the best product on the market is the first and only condition for them to come running to buy it from you. It is essential to have a thought-out and organised strategy to get them to speak highly of your product, which will attract other customers. The idea that marketing is there to sell what cannot be sold on its own is . But … do you really have a product? A sellable product?  


5. advertising and analysis.

As Tom Peters says in his book The Brand You 50: “with your brand you push the limits and create products or projects of unmistakable value for identifiable customers.” Do cool things every day, or die trying. 

This phrase is especially motivating for me. An injection of energy.

Forget about the concept of work as a task to be completed, from now on conceive of work as a fabulous project.

A trick: think of your work as something that contributes to the world and that makes it a better world, that can transcend and that leaves a mark.

You can download the worksheet to do your awesome personal branding at the following link. 

Let us know what you thin about the downloadable. We hope it serves you well.

We are sure that you will love it and that it will be very useful and revealing. Get ready for your big branding launch!!

Best wishes  😉

Rachel R.