7 Reasons why I am an Entrepreneur

What makes someone an entrepreneur?

Do you think that an entrepreneur is self-made or that you have to be of a certain nature to launch a self-made project?

What motivates people to start a business?

Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself why you want to be an entrepreneur.

For me, being an entrepreneur has allowed me to have a mission in my life. It has enhanced my strengths and helped me overcome my weaknesses.

In my case I suspect that I learned this by observing it from a young age in my family. Many of my relatives have emigrated looking for something better. Perhaps this is one of the main keys: a person becomes an entrepreneur when he or she sets a goal and sets out to achieve it and find the opportunity. You become an entrepreneur when you stop accepting what has been given to you by default.

Let me tell you a series of things that I think can be very useful for you.

In my opinion, being an entrepreneur is a way of life.

Why am I an entrepreneur? Because life is too short to spend the whole time working for someone else. I consider that being an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to be the main character of your own story. The world opens up before you like an immense exciting landscape that invites adventure. Life is an adventure: the adventure of your brand.

7 reasons why I am an entrepreneur:

  • The challenges: Undertaking is a great daily challenge. When you are a salaried employee, you may have less challenges. And I think it is difficult to compare them with those you find on the entrepreneur’s path. Entrepreneurs hate routines and are unwilling to spend their time working in jobs framed by a predetermined, monochromatic system. Without a doubt, the day-to-day of an entrepreneur is full of challenges to overcome and goals to achieve. And this brings with it the counterpoint of uncertainty: it scares not knowing what is going to happen. In my case, the opposite effect occurs, uncertainty encourages me, being outside my comfort zone is something I like.
  • Success: I undertake because I am sure that on this path I will be successful. If I wasn’t 100% sure of my ability and conviction, I would never try. It is essential to analyse the probabilities of success and not to take a wrong step. Moreover, an entrepreneur does not jump into the abyss without a parachute: his/her network and data.
  • Nonconformity: A nonconformist person always looks for something beyond. In my case, if I am not satisfied with what I have or what I do then I always want to go one step further (or two, or three …).
  • Freedom: Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for you to be your own boss and to own your time. So it will be you who makes the important decisions in your life.
  • Financial Independence: When you are an entrepreneur, it means that your salary no longer depends on your boss, but on yourself. Therefore, the more you try, the better your results and your income will be.
  • Working for your dreams and not for those of others: At the end of the day, one of the greatest satisfactions of an entrepreneur is knowing that he is working for his own dreams, ideas and goals. Your time is limited; don’t despise it by living someone else’s life.
  • The passion: The passion that makes you move heaven and earth. In my case I have a great passion for learning. Dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about will bring you considerably closer to success. Life is too short to have the wrong job. If you feel unhappy with what you are doing today, surely your heart is making you an invitation to start. Choose a job that you like and you will never have to “work” in life.

Success has no secret but to insist and persevere.

“There is nothing special about success, it’s just about continuing to move forward when others have given up.” Francisco Alcaide, writer and coach in leadership and motivation.

Benefits for being an entrepreneur:

  • Creating value. A business is an opportunity to make other people’s lives better. In that way, entrepreneurship is based on creating value, solving problems, satisfying needs and positively transforming our environment.
  • Personal and professional growth. Entrepreneurship is a path of constant learning. So every day you must acquire new knowledge and develop skills that will allow you to overcome your own limits.
  • Generating jobs. Through your business you will be able to create opportunities for others and generate a positive impact in your community. Create synergies with other professionals, join ideas and forces that generate new successful projects useful for the society.
  • Generating Income. Obviously it is something that is linked to success, although I believe that in achieving success there are many more things than just money. For me, money is a collateral result that provides long-term tranquility. Traveling and having an abundant checking account are a possible consequence of the actions of an entrepreneur. Therefore, this should not be the only reason for your desire.
  • Feeling fulfilled. Entrepreneurship is about dedicating all your time, effort and energy to following your dreams and passions. Therefore, you will surely have a life full of personal satisfactions.
  • Transcend. Entrepreneurs do not want to be just another person, they want to be a before and after in their time in this world. And they are not after money, but after a dream. In my opinion, entrepreneurs are visionary people who want to change the world.

The life of an entrepreneur is a life without rest. Certainly, a life in which you have hundreds of glances criticising what you do. There will be people waiting for you to take a wrong step,  to see you fall and say: “I told you !!”. But, you know what? The life of an entrepreneur is a life worth living… Indeed, it is a life in which you own your time and have the possibility of owning your future. Also full of passion where every day there is a reason to continue fighting. But most importantly, it is a life in which you feel full because you are doing what you really like.

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What are your reasons why you have become or would like to become an entrepreneur? Curious to know about your story!

Rachel R.

Vía: Dani Sánchez, John Rampton para Entrepreneur.com, Mercadeo global.