Live by Your Design was created to connect determined and committed women with a real desire to change their lives to the best education and training materials that will enable them to create an online business that they love.

The kind of business that will provide them with time, financial and geographical freedom: Absolute freedom of choice. A business where they can find real work satisfaction and purpose. A business where they can design their life on their own terms.

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Meet Rachel & Naomi

Hi there, we are the duo behind this blog! Here we share our journey on how we became digital entrepreneurs, started to live the life of our dreams and tell you how you can do it too! Our blog is our second home where we chronicle our own life transformations, share our tips and connect with other like-minded women.

Here we want to give you the support, the love and the guidance to run your life and your business in a way that feels authentic, confident and inspiring. 

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We feel you, we see you, we hear you!

We know what it’s like to be questioned by others who do not understand why you’d ever want to take such a ‘risky’ path and we know what it’s like to feel lost and not have a roadmap to success. But we also know that there are also other people who DO get it. 

Maybe like us, you have been craving the presence of like-minded women with whom to share and celebrate your entrepreneurial adventure. For us, knowing the impact that women empowerment has given to both of us, we knew that we needed to build a community of female entrepreneurs where at its core they can connect on a real, raw and honest level to help and support each other. 

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